2008-10-26 20:43:42 by Slashe51

I submitted 15 questions of my upcoming quiz, and I think they'll pass judgment this time.


Uh oh...

2008-08-01 16:27:11 by Slashe51

Well, Snyperscope is moving from New York to Texas. It's bad enough, but the school we go to is our only resource for flash. This could mean yuck for Snyperscope's quiz game.

Anyway, I'll be working on mine when school starts. Expect it at least before the new year.

In the Process!

2008-05-30 18:35:18 by Slashe51

Right now, I have a game in the process of making. It's gonna be a quiz game, because I'm still not very good at Flash yet. My friend Snyperscope is also making a quiz game, which is coming out (?).


2008-02-20 19:53:12 by Slashe51

This really sucks. I was so looking forward to our performance, but that's when the Science Olympiads States Competition is, and somehow, I'm in it (don't ask).

I hate how this never works out.


2007-12-03 21:02:40 by Slashe51

New site, new post.

It still needs much work. Called Secret Arcade cuz everything's blocked at our school...

Conspiracy Theory plays at the school talent show in April!

Visit Kweb!

2007-09-02 18:37:08 by Slashe51

Hey I'm Slashe51! I would ask you to go to my site but it's messed up so you should go to my friend's account! Here is URL and link Kweb or the longer one: ampionsnotreally