Entry #6


2008-10-26 20:43:42 by Slashe51

I submitted 15 questions of my upcoming quiz, and I think they'll pass judgment this time.



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2008-10-26 21:33:46

i tried out your quiz, honestly it made no absolute sense as a "question" based quiz game; it has no general knowledge purpose as a quiz let alone any intelectual value as a game... if you want to make a true "quiz game" you need to do research online, in libraries, in books; take random general and some college level knowledge and write down the questions as well as answers and try to work something like that into a brain teaser style game...
think along the lines of the oldschool "Dr. Brain" games, they not only made you think but taught you something you didn't know at the same time you played them, but this is just my genereal opinion of the game...
hopefully it gets better in the future or you honestly wont "pass judgement" because it holds no general purpose of interest to the newgrounds gamers

Slashe51 responds:

Thanks for the advise. At least it was a sensible response. I'm pretty sure "phail" is not a word.


2008-10-26 22:42:41

phial is the tube in which doctors store blood when they draw it from your body actually lol

Slashe51 responds:

Yeah, but he was using "phail" as in "fail".


2009-03-14 16:54:21

Not on my watch! Just kidding! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!